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Art goals by kailys

Not sure who is particularly interested, but I've been thinking about goals for progress on my own work. Figured I'd share for the sake of posterity. I need to come up with some exercises to push to make these improvements.

  1. Draw faster (more confidently); better sketches
  2. Versatility with style/technique (specifically: ability to do cute stuff)
  3. More appealing compositions
  4. More flexibility with color (don't use the same damn palette all the time)
  5. Expressive faces
  6. Practice with different types of anatomies *This one requires a little more detail: in furry art, there’s a variety of levels of realism of blending human and animal characteristics. Some artists, can carry a lot of interesting animal traits into the character. Others have much more toony/reductive aspects, or use relatively superficial traits w strong human anatomy. I want to be good at both, and be able to use the former when I want.
  7. Interesting/appealing character design
  8. Interesting costumes/clothing
  9. More varied types of bodies/characters (e.g., muscular characters, chubby characters,), trans characters
  10. Be able to sketch using physical media

Art goals


14 July 2015 at 09:44:41 MDT

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