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STREAMS (and some commissions) are on hiatus! by pac

monday my husband and i close on our first house and holy balls are things getting hectic in a hurry. we are moving about twenty minutes away, so we will be moving gradually over the next week or so (instead of all at once like in a long distance move). life is going to be in disarray until further notice. i am not sure what my access to my computer/supplies/internet will be like during that time, but i'll give an ETA when i can.

i've not officially closed commissions, but i will obviously not be able to stream them or honor my usual quick turn around time should i get an inquiry during this time. your continued support during this (expensive) time is appreciated, just be aware that it will likely be slower and done off screen.

i have some things in the works that i'll be ramping up for when i return. i finally purchased a laminator and will be doing some experimenting with making real badges. not sure when i'll be officially offering them, but it's a'comin'.

i also went ahead and set up a new domain for my personal/fandom stuff instead of piggy backing off of my professional site. nothing of note will be changing (will have same email/paypal address) but all my personal URLs will be going through instead of

that's about it! see ya when i see ya!

STREAMS (and some commissions) are on hiatus!


10 July 2015 at 14:30:58 MDT

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