AnthroCon looking very unlikely, unless commission help. by VinVulpis

So, I'm not gonna go on too much about this, but with the slowness of gettin another job and other general uncertainties, it's really not looking good for me this year. I've fallen into a bad slump and AC isn't looking very good.

Unless I manage to get a big chunk of commission-base help that will let me finish their work after AC, it's probably not going to happen for me. I don't wanna feel like a shitty beggar, it's why I say Commission, and I really wanna go, it's just that I need help if it's going to happen. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen, I've been comin to accept that I might not be able to go.

My sketch commission sale still stands as listed in this submission:
I probably can finish most of these before AC, depending on my workload.

But just gettin a few of these isn't going to be enough at this point, so I'm willing to take on much larger pieces provided you understand that it'll take me a while after AC, again workload and life depending.

So, this is just sort of a last big effort to make things happen.

Please note me if interested in helping.
Thank you.

AnthroCon looking very unlikely, unless commission help.


26 June 2015 at 09:53:21 MDT

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