Commission Update: June 23, 2015 by Lunostophiles

More writing! It's all coming down the tubes like weasels, I swear. I'm nearly done with one of saiwolf saiwolf's commissions, and the big bloo has already asked for another! What a nincompo--I mean super great wolf guy~

So, with Sai's commissions in the works, I'll still have room for two others. While they might not be worked on immediately, they'll be queued.

Here are my rates and stuff again:

For prose, $8/page.
For poetry, $5-$30 depending on length, may be $30+ if you want an exceptionally long poem.
For lyrics for your composition, $15-25 depending on length and content.

I'll write both all-ages and mature things, both porn and non-porn. I am happy to hash out ideas with you, the commissioner, on these topics. I'll still write in my style, and I try to be more evocative than mechanical, but I can do my best if you want hard description on things in stories.

Also, I will write mostly anything, but I don't have any particular interest in writing babyfur things. It's not that I harbour any ill will to you all! I just really don't have any connection to it.

Current Queue:

  1. saiwolf saiwolf

  2. saiwolf saiwolf

  3. forneus forneus

  4. tyrianfox tyrianfox

Keep grinning!

~ Lu

Commission Update: June 23, 2015


23 June 2015 at 12:26:10 MDT

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    I'd like a spot! I need to hash out my idea more.

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      And slotted in! Yell at me on Telegram if you wanna hash out ideas with me.