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So Twisting Tails only has two pages left, and the final page is just a big two panel piece. So it is time for me to start thinking about what sort of comic I want to do next. Over all anything I pick I would want to do with more detail and better backgrounds etc than Twisting Tails which I was admittedly kinda lazy with but it was my first comic what can I say. My boyfriend/writer and I have been throwing some various ideas around and we want to know which of these ideas you would want to see the most. All of them will feature plenty of sex and naughtiness but most have some additional plot as well.

We have also been discussing allowing you to add your characters into the comics for a fee. We will probably have various price points that will determine how often your character appears and if they have their own plot point in the story. Please let me know if you are interested.

None of these are the final title of course, but the easiest way to quickly describe them.

Follows a female lead fighting in Gladiator style combat to win other lionesses (and some other species, male and female) to join her harem. She is fighting to try and over throw her father the King and is often opposed to her many half brothers and sisters. This one is planned to be VERY long with at least a few chapters. Will feature a lot of f/f some m/f, h/f and m/m.
(some of our hero's brothers I already drew
Will allow any natural species of character, some loose realistic color rules apply

Mad Scientist
A Mad Scientist is kicked out of his lab for wanting to experiment on humans, but continues his work at home in his basement. Working on a serum to turn humans into animal, he tests it out on his neighbor one day and transforms her into an anthro cat. Making her highly sexually anthro with an infectious bites. The Scientist keeps tinkering with his serum to transform more and more people into his pets and continue his experiments. Hilarity and sex ensues. This was also planned to be a decent length at least a few chapters covering various species and characters and more. Will feature Transformation, transgender, m/f, f/f, and m/m.
Will allow any species no color rules.

A couple go for a hike in the woods when they discover a group of people having a party around a campfire. Little do they know, everyone but them are werewolves and its a full moon tonight. This one will be short, only a single chapter and probably the most straight forward of our ideas. Will be Werewolf Transformation and will feature m/f primarily, may have f/f and m/m going on in the background.
Will only allow werewolf characters.

Next Comic POLL


21 June 2015 at 20:23:11 MDT

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