Legend Hunters Play: Mega Man X#1 [Leo + Zer0 - Legend =...] by ReidoRaichu

Once again we have another LP. This one however is a bit special. Legend isn't a fan of the Mega Man series but Leo is an avid fan and player of the series. Zer0 is a casual fan of the series.
No in this LP only Zer0 and Leo are gonna be recording this. Now you think that without legend these two would be at each others throats throughout the entire game...
But surprisingly its quite different from what you expect.

Now this is a short game if you play it right. so this LP will only be updated every Saturday.
And be sure to tell us what you think of the shift from having just Leo and Zer0 as well as telling us where we need improvement is most appreciated.

Anyway enjoy the game~

Legend Hunters Play: Mega Man X is Uploaded: Every Saturday

Episode 1:


Please Keep Circulating the Links~

This is DeathZer0 of The Legend Hunters Signing Off

Legend Hunters Play: Mega Man X#1 [Leo + Zer0 - Legend =...]


13 June 2015 at 08:06:25 MDT

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