CaliFur Wrap Up by LadyDucky

Back from another successful con <3 Didn't get sick, met lots of amazing people, bought my first piece of original art, and my honey and I celebrated our unofficial one year anniversary :D <3 CaliFur is always a small con, and this con felt a little weird (quieter than usual and just a generally odd feeling), but I still had a fantastic time. People flipped over my Sailor Moon of the Dead stuff, which has me super excited because I have more plans for it that I shall be working on between my commissions >.> I also met my first ever fangirl, who told me she was SO HAPPY when she saw I was gonna be there. It was so freaking cute and I -still- feel all warm and fuzzy about it X3 Thank you for spazzing, it totally made my day! Don't ever stop showing your excitement and happiness :D

Now that I'm back home, I'm gonna be tackling my commissions queue, adding more stuff to Etsy and RedBubble, and get a Sotrenvy shop up and running :3 My next con will be APE in October, so it is time to kick some ass between now and then :D

I'll be working my way through emails and notes, contacting new and old commissioners, and posting lots of WIP stuff to Twitter and Tumblr, while also taking care of more real life stuff, like renewing my license and finding a general doctor X_x Hnnnnggg. Keep an eye on your mail boxes, and check here and Twitter for updates! I realize I'm slow, and my arm is pretty sore, but I promise I'll get to things as quickly as I can.


CaliFur Wrap Up


9 June 2015 at 14:31:41 MDT

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