Art Update by Cheryl Latrans

Hey everybody! Been thinking about a few things recently and well, I feel like I’ve been stagnating art-wise and a lot of the things I’ve been putting out have been a bit subpar. >.> It’s the same thing over and over and I really need to break out of the rut and get out of my comfort zone for a while. I have a few ideas in mind like drawing real-life animals to get a better feel for their overall anatomy and drawing clothing, hands and background to get a better feel for those as well. This might mean that I upload less often but I think the servers will thank me for that. X3 I will try and get a few out every so often so still keep watching for new stuff it just might be a little less than usual. If you guys have any suggestions on how I could improve I would love to hear them. Thank you. :3

Art Update

Cheryl Latrans

3 June 2015 at 22:06:57 MDT

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    Well, you know me, I think this is a great idea and that I have a large amount of ideas for things you can try your hand at.

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      He he, thank you dear and I would love to hear any ideas you can come up with. :3 I might try that scary idea again and see what I come up with this time.

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    Well, the thing I would look into drawing is maybe extreme foreshortening and feet. Those would be two things you can work on.

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      Thanks dear, those are definitely two things I need a lot of work in. I'll be sure to get some practice in both of them. :3