Useful Links for Artists by jonas

These are sites I browse for practicing & reference. Feel free to reblog. I rated this journal 13+ since there are links to a few sites with naked models. D:

Posemaniacs - 3D & Flash-based pose reference tools

Quickposes - timed gesture drawing tool - anatomy references for artists

Pixelovely Practice Tools - another timed gesture drawing tool

The Drawing Script - yet another timed gesture drawing tool

Life Drawing Poses - warm-up pose sketching videos

Artnatomia - facial muscle/expression reference tool - muscle & bone reference sketches

Veterinary Anatomical Illustrations - animal anatomy references @ UWDC

A Comparative View of the Human and Animal Frame - more animal anatomy references @ UWDC - general reference images for various items

The Costume Page - reference images for historic costume

SmartHistory - an interactive art history site

Artcyclopedia - indexed guide to famous artists online

Mayang’s Free Textures - tons of free textures

CGTextures - more free textures

Kuler - Adobe’s color scheme repository & creation tool


Elements of Perspective

35 useful tutorials by Feng Zhu on Youtube

How to Digital Paint

Beginning Digital Painting With Photoshop - hosted at Digital Image

SAI Coloring Basics - by Xavier Houssin

SAI Coloring Example - also by Xavier Houssin

Useful Links for Artists


17 February 2013 at 18:27:22 MST

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    Hmm... Very useful, thank you! :)

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    Oh wow. This is pretty cool. Especially the SAI color example and basics. Thank you very much Jonas, *hugs*

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    ::faves your journal:: So cool I can do that now. :)