Sparodicism by Sephra

Is that a word? I'm making it a word.

Just wanted to apologise to the site at large for being rather behind on uploading here in comparison to FA; I realise its hardly something to shoot myself over but I wanted to have an explanation for what my uploading habits are going to be, most probably, until I ingrain it in my mind to fully move over to here (which, I might add, won't be long at the rate ads are popping up on the ol' site.)

Its the same problem I face with pages like SoFurry; I'm not the kind of person who's geared to maintaining an online presence in more than one place by default, so unfortunately FA (whom i've been on for like 10 years now) is the go-to for me xD

I'm sure that's the case for many others as well actually, but I'm rambling.

The point being, I apologise that the art uploads will be, for the most part, periods of silence followed by splurges that will probably coat the front page; I guess I just wanted to make it clear somewhere on the site that I wasn't doing it specifically to blanket my artwork but just because if I try to measure out my uploads I'll just end up forgetting again xD

I'll -try- and not have this be the case, but I can't promise anything, so here;s a sort of worst case scenario (or, usual case scenario) for your info.

Right, enough boredom from me, back to the grind!



31 May 2015 at 06:01:54 MDT

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