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Updates Gallore! by NecroDrone

Think its high time I give you all some updates on things...


  • Due to there being two major conventions happening this month, I've decided to reopen commissions the first weekend of June to help people catch up and wind down from traveling and such. I will only be opening 3 slots this round, and from this point on, once those are complete, I will open another round and so forth. NO MORE WAITING LIST! NO MORE BACKLOG! (I cannot stand making people wait for so long for art).


  • I only have a couple left in this queue and they are near complete. More than likely, I probably will no longer be taking Trades due to being filled up with projects and commissions to the brim. Same with collaborations. If I have room in my schedule to start a new project for either, I will announce in a journal :)


  • I have a couple more commissions to complete the line art on, then finish coloring jobs. Mercy has been a dear (no, no, I mean a sweetheart) and has been helping me play catch-up with putting down base colors for these pieces. My goal is to complete my whole queue by the 5th of June, just in time to open the 3 slots mentioned above.


  • For those of you who don't know, Mercy and I were married last July, and finally had our reception this past April. As much fun as that was, and a memorable experienced we will never forget, events that happened right after have exhausted us emotionally and mentally. Heartbreak and health issues have reared their ugly heads which have slowed my art process as well as Mercy's job being in high, constant demand for him for various reasons too. We are still fighting, however, to maintain a strict, healthy routine to keep us focused and on schedule, and on my end, much more professional.


  • Commissions will be reopening June 5th
  • Current Commissions will be completed before June 5th
  • Considering work and socializing, we are both adjusting our health issues and maintaining a more structured schedule

Updates Gallore!


17 May 2015 at 01:17:11 MDT

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    It's good to take care of yourself! Sounds like things are on track ^^