Sapphirus's progess +Memeory lane+ by Sapphirus

Sapphirus has gone through [b]SOOOOOO[/b] many changes I mean damn, I just counted, I made liike..... 1-3 references in a year for her LOL. She's gone through so much bullshit in the past from ppl, you get to enjoy the hater comments as she progressed, and the supporters too.

There was a fandom time I had her hair red temporary (KH red hair thing, I was addicted to Axel so I turned her hair for Eping fandoming reasons red and ppl assumed I stole his character but Sapph was originated from a Sonic OC, I love spikey characters yes) but it was originally Sapphire blue with light blue highlights. Enjoy the amusement of my terrible anatomy. :c

The very first design of Sapphirus on Paper. This was around 1997-1998
(She was in my mind before the drawing for years before but I just didnt draw her liek I wanted then)

Then soon after she turned into this in 1999-2000[/b][/u]

Note: Drew her inbetween times but I didnt start making real legit references of her til 2008)

Sapphirus Ref 2008:
Sapphirus 2009 Ref:]
Sapphirus 2011:[]
Sapphirus Ref 2012:
Sapphirus Ref 2013: and one after this

Sapphirus Ref 2014: and another after that and then a 3rd in the same year

NOW (2015):

Sapphirus's progess +Memeory lane+


8 May 2015 at 07:01:30 MDT

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