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Stuff by Tossu-sama

Been quite a while, eh?

In all honesty, my start for this year went bust badly since we had to put our dear cat down in January. He suddenly developed so bad urinary tract problems that not even a surgery would've guaranteed him to get better. So we decided it was best for him to fall asleep for the one last time. He's now in that mythical better place without pain.

Most likely that has sapped my artsiness altogether. I haven't really done anything, counting out starting sketches but never actually finishing them. Can't force myself because the result would be just crap. But I think I'm getting ideas that I could actually make happen. We'll see.

I've also been spending lot of time playing Magic the Gathering. I started already back when Ravnica: City of Guilds was released and been playing on/off since. But now I really got back into it and have played in prereleases and several FNMs. Lots of fun!

And the latest thing is that we got two little rat boys yesterday! My friend breeds rats so I was able to pick these two for us. They were born in late March and my friend always makes sure his rats can be handled and are not afraid of humans. They're both very tame and like to be out of their cage. They got a lot of energy, being so young but since they're males they most likely will calm down significantly as they get older and become rodent couch potatoes, lol...

That's about it for me as of late. My oh-so-eventful life.



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