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Kinshuka's Free Daily Sketches - Starting TODAY! by Kinshuka

Yes! They will be starting today, but when I hear you ask? You'll have to [url=]follow me on Tumblr[/url] to find out! But I've had a different idea for how this is going to work, so below is how things will now be done!

1: Starting this today I'll post something on Tumblr letting you know it's the Daily Free Sketch time!
2: I'll only be doing ONE SKETCH a day! So that means the first person to reply will get the sketch!
3: Each day the sketch will be a different theme. One day it could be action, next funny. Yes there will be NSFW pics some days, but it wont always happen!
4: These will be sketches, nothing more. No colour, no inking, just a sketch with your idea. They'll be detailed though X3 Not some hashed out shit.
5: I'll aim to finish the sketch on the same day then post it on Tumblr when it's done! Once finished you can post it wherever you want a long as you give me credit and link to my Tumblr account so other's may try!
6: Almost forgot to say that there wont be a set time for when I offer the next Daily Sketch! Just take notice that it'll happen every day! So you'll need to keep an eye out!

How does that sound, folks? If your intereted, [url=]follow me on Tumblr[/url] to try and get today's daily sketch! I will be posting on Tumblr within the next few hours! So keep your peeper's open!

Kinshuka's Free Daily Sketches - Starting TODAY!


29 April 2015 at 02:45:33 MDT

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