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Back again by Onic

Oooookay. So I haven't been here in ages, and I'm surprised I recalled my password first try. Haha.

With the way things are going on FA right now, I think it is prudent to keep my presence here a bit more up to date. I have always liked the layout of this site. I think its very effective. However, I have been on FA for nearly a decade and I will not be leaving unless my creative works are compromised. Since I am a musician, that's unlikely compared to many of the visual artists out there, but still. My focus is to stay in touch with the friends I have made on FA and make sure I do not lose touch with them.

I'll try to get some recent music up. I haven't posted here since my album release, which you can check out (and BUY!!!) here:

Back again


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    And I can only highly recommend that album. it is an opus of magnum awesomness 8[9-)>

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    First of all, welcome back to Weasyl.

    I'm fully aware that FA has a much larger community. Unfortunately, you're right about the state of FA; even if things weren't going downhill since it was bought by IMVU, I'm not fond of the fact that you have to be a porn artist to get the attention there. :P

    As for your album, I'll try to find the time to listen, soon.

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    I totally prefer this site over FA, but I'm posting here in vain. Even though I wish I could have this gallery as main audience zone.

    Glad to see you here, though ! Maybe we musicians can take the opportunity to make this website a place with higher standards than FA.
    Even if it is our reponsability to rise the level of our own work. Working harder sighs :P