I want your animal photos! by SpartaDog

I'm looking for images I can paint for the AC art show and having some trouble. I can't find any photos from my trips to zoos and aquariums over the years. They're all on externals or computers that for some reason or another can't be accessed.

SO. Here's the dealio.

  • Must be your photo, or you/I must have permission from the photographer to do what I plan to do. Basically I'm not looking for shit you pulled off Google Images or a Deviantart search. I can do that myself lol
  • You WILL NOT receive the original painting! It will be available in the Anthrocon 2015 art show. I will try to get you a print of it if possible but I cannot make any promises.
  • I will, if photo quality allows, be selling prints and any unsold originals after Anthrocon.
  • ANY SPECIES/BREED/WHATEVER IS WELCOME! Could be your pet, an animal that stumbled into your yard, a trip to a zoo, anything as long as it's a decent quality photo. Yknow, not too blurry or a crappy cell phone pic or whatever. The better quality the better, and good composition is major bonus points!
  • I reserve the right to change anything about the photo I want for my painting.
  • I'm only going to pick a small handful so don't be offended if I don't pick yours.

Thanks so much guys!

I want your animal photos!


18 April 2015 at 19:34:36 MDT

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