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A question for all other artists and people watching~ by Tang

So I find myself in a conundrum as I sit here in front of my laptop at 12:30 AM. I have one class tomorrow from 9-11. That's it, by the time I finish working out, I'll be back home by 1pm. Assuming I want to spend 4 hours studying, and I want to get at least 8 hours of sleep before my 10am class the next day, I should be in bed by Midnight Thursday night.

Given this I'll probably finish studying and my related assignments at 6, cook dinner, finish cleaning, cooking and eating by about 7. This all presupposes I'm taking my time and rushing nothing.

This leaves me 5 hours to art. 5 hours of budgeted time that I want to devote to getting better as an artist in the furry fandom, and the more I end up scheduling my own time because responsible adult, the more time I'm finding for art.

The struggle is thus the motivation to keep on moving, and the motivation to keep getting better and better. Every artist I've talked to has said "Practice is key, keep turning at the wheel and you'll find your way", Recommending that I spend a minimum of an hour a day just at the very least sketching things out, and figuring out how things work. I clearly have the time to do so, but I'm finding myself encountering 2 major problems.

The first is that I don't have enough draw fodder backlogged to keep myself producing new doodles for months. I don't even believe I have enough ideas to produce art, or sketch new things consistently for a week. Thus the first question is "How do I keep my drawing ideas flowing? How do I keep producing ideas that I would then draw or sketch out for practice?" This is the first struggle I'm finding in my struggle to become a better artist.

The second is presupposing that I have said ideas in mind, at the very least for short bursts of time, how do I stay motivated to finish each piece? How do I keep a consistent end goal in mind while working on the art that I am right now? How do I keep the drive going to keep producing more and more art? If it's okay to answer, what keeps you going in terms of producing furry media in the fandom?

Anyway, philosophical moments at nearly 1am, going to sleep, hope to at least see some responses in the next few days~

A question for all other artists and people watching~


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