Cuddle-Buddies Species Information And FAQ's by MDEFam

Species Info:

Cuddle Buddies are feline like creatures, with HUGE ears. Their ears are extremely fluffy and sensitive, and they can wrap their upper bodies and babies up in them, like a blanket. Female Cuddle Buddies are a little pudgy. Their tails are blankets. Male Cuddle Buddies are pudgy as well. Their tails are also blankets, just like females'. Cuddle Buddies love to cuddle, which comes in handy on cold nights.

Cuddle Buddies have the ability to heal wounds. Unless they are self caused. Then they can't do anything. Sometimes a wound may be too bad or the person is too far gone for the Cuddle Buddy to save them. Cuddle Buddies have the power to orb. They have gems on their foreheads, where the power is harnessed. If the gem is broken, the Cuddle Buddy can no longer orb, and if it is cracked, it can orb, but it may have difficulties. Such as, ending up in the wrong place, or only moving a few feet. Other gems can be on their bodies, but it is extremely rare. Each gem harnesses a different power. Red and black gems give the Cuddle Buddies the ability to use fire balls, and lightning balls, however these powers can corrupt the Cuddle Buddies if they use them too much.

Cuddle Buddies are assigned "charges", which are creatures they look after and help. They can help others that they see need help, but they are always near their charges.

They hear a loud ringing, and feel a HUGE headache when their charges need help, and will go to them right away.

Cuddle Buddies have one to four kits at a time, and their gestation period is six and a half months. They tend to live in caves and wooded areas, but can be other places.

Cuddle Buddies eat small rodents, fish, rabbits and frogs. They also enjoy fruits and berries, but they cannot eat coconuts.

Cuddle Buddies: (c) :iconMDEFam: THESE ARE A CLOSED SPECIES. DO NOT MAKE ONE WITHOUT PERMISSION. UNLESS YOU ARE HoneyDipply on dA, because she helped me with them, so she can use them for whatever she wants lol.

Cuddle-Buddies (FAQ):

Q: What are Cuddle-Buddies, and where do they come from?
A: Cuddle-Buddies are magical, feline creatures, who come from deep within caves.
Q: At what age do Cuddle-Buddies get their charges?
A: When they are about half-grown, they start bonding with their charges. The bonding can begin before or after that age, but generally that’s when it happens.
Q: What happens when they orb/use their powers?
A: When orbing or healing, their forehead gems glow. While using other powers, the other gems will glow. All they have to do to orb, is concentrate hard on what place they want to go, and they orb there. It takes practice. To heal, they place their hands over the injured area, and concentrate on sending their magic energy to heal the wound. If it’s a mental wound (such as seizers, black outs, things like that.)/dark lighter attack/possession etc., they place their hands on either side of the victims heads. If it’s emotional wound, they can’t do anything except comfort them.
Q: What are Cuddle-Buddies’ relationship with their charges, and how long do they stay with them?
A: Cuddle-Buddies take in their charges as their own family, and protect and guide them. They stay with them for their whole lives.

Q: Can Cuddle-Buddies have more than one charge?
A: Cuddle-Buddies can have more than one charge, but this usually only happens if the charges live together. (being as Cuddle-Buddies always stay near their charges.)
Q: What happens if a Cuddle-Buddy does not bond with their charge?
A: They will be assigned a new one. It’s the charges choice to listen to the Cuddle-Buddy or not, and to let them help or not.
Q: Are Cuddle-Buddies born with gems?
A: No, Cuddle-Buddies are born gemless. Their gems grow in around 2 years old. Same goes with spikes, horns, and things of that nature. They will be born with the extra body parts they have, (such as multiple tails, extra ears, multiple heads {very rare} etc.) and any mutations they have.
Q: Do extra tails have to be blankets as well?
A: No. They can be any feline tail, or a blanket like the first one. They must have one blanket tail though.

If you have any other questions, let me know! Is be happy to answer them! ^w^

Cuddle-Buddies Species Information And FAQ's


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