Commission Pricing by Medulla Oblongata


ART TRADES ARE CLOSED (moving soon!)

1) Pencil portraits

All pencil portraits will be done on an 8 x 10 plain white paper using graphite. THESE ARE NOT SKETCHES! They are clean, finished portraits that come with a free background upon request, and are not subject to my normal pricing. If you only want a pencil portrait, then the rest of my pricing guide will not apply. Additional characters will still be $10 each.

2) If I don't want a pencil portrait, how do I find how much you charge?

My prices are separated into five major categories: Subject, Background, Medium, Details, and Size. Begin under Step 1, and choose only one of the options listed - bust, or full body. Proceed through the next few steps, choosing only one option under each. When you are finished, add costs of your selected options together for your final total.

3) Payment Information

All prices are subject to change; all sales are final. I accept payments via Paypal (e-mail: I also accept cash and money order in person. Payments must be in USD. I am open to pricing negotiation - just ask me!

I do NOT accept check payments!

Before I accept any money, I will draw several preliminary sketches and discuss how you want your picture to look. Once you have decided on a layout that you like best, I will accept 50% of the total cost as a deposit before I begin working on the picture. Once completed, I will not upload scans of the final product nor release it until payment is received in full. I will keep it safely stored!

If you wish to own the physical, original artwork, you must either pick it up from me in person or cover the cost of shipping and handling for safe mailing. I will gladly provide scanned progress shots of your requested piece. If you have commissioned a large piece from me, then these progress shots will be taken via digital camera.

***If you cancel your commission, then you may NOT use any progress shots or sketches I have shown to you! Cancelling your commission with me and using my progress shots and / or sketches will result in legal action!***

4) What things will you not draw?

I will NOT accept commissions involving:

Pornography, loli, pedo, racist, homophobia, hate, etc. If I find the subject matter personally offensive, I will not do it (subject to my discretion).

5) Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?


Commission Pricing

Medulla Oblongata

16 February 2013 at 17:56:53 MST

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