Are you all ready for some art from me?????? by HorrorError

Well you have to wait till 4/20
Cause that's when I get my tablet!

Yeah I get it on 4/20 so be prepared for stoned art
Or art of my characters stoned
Or both!

I will also be making a commission sheet with my prices because digital commissions are open!

I will also be streaming as well so look for that.

Some things I plan on draw are:
Me a new ref sheet
My mate a new ref sheet
Annnd con badges for me and him for when we go to Fangcon this year!

Will anyone else be going to fangcon?
When I went last it was their very first year, and my very first fur con

I think I will be doing like last time and doing free badges for Fangcon goers!
So about a couple weeks before the con look out for that!

I really should be there but if something goes wrong I will let you guys know.

Are you all ready for some art from me??????


10 April 2015 at 14:52:07 MDT

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