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I will be at FWA! by Royalty

Just realized I didn't say anything about it here xD

I'll definitely be in the Artist Alley Saturday and Sunday. I will be taking Sketch commissions (which I love to do) and Badge commissions. Adult content for the sketches is okay! (it's okay for the badges too but I mean where would you wear it :O)

I MAY be in the alley Friday but honestly I think I'm going to be super tired. I will try to art whenever I can though.

Even if you don't plan on getting anything from me, feel free to stop by and say hi :D

I will be at FWA!


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    "where would you wear it?"
    At a sexy party!
    runs around chasing scantily clad ladies

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      hah xD thanks for making me laugh

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        Always happy to be of assistance. ^^

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    I would say I'll try to be there next year......but unless it;s one of those conventions that changes place every year I'm afraid that will be outside my traveling range for quite a few years......

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      Pretty sure Furry Weekend Atlanta is always located in Atlanta sadly..

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        Mhm. Had a feeling from the name.

        Might I ask what other conventions you usually/plan to go to?

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          I pretty much always go to TFF! Planning on going to MFF this year as well.

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            I'll see if I can't make TFF next year then. MFF is a maybe next year, going from it's location in Illinois.