Birthday Feelings by BJ Buttons

Dealing with a bunch of different feelings right now Easter was different. Not sure if it was better or worse, but felt very different.
Also my birthday is coming up in 11 days. I have a bunch different feelings about that as well. Some of them boil down to " go away I want nothing" feelings. Don't want a party Don't want gifts, just let the day pass with nothing happening at all. The other is the opposite feeling. The notion of coming home from work and finding that UPS delivered some boxes to the house that had a birthday gift in them. Bears, bear related stuff, radio or computer stuff. Finding a giant bear sitting in my desk chair holing on to a even bigger bunch of Birthday balloons. opening up my e-mail and finding art work of Waldolf. I don't know why I have such different feelings. sigh

Birthday Feelings

BJ Buttons

5 April 2015 at 20:46:46 MDT

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