More active?? Maybe??? by zayger

I keep looking at this place, but even if I want to become more active I haven't drawn much ahahaha..but I want to try to draw more often and maybe make art friends or something.

First I need to stop lurking. How was I even social back in high school...when did I become such a hardcore lurker

More active?? Maybe???


4 April 2015 at 00:39:40 MDT

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    ah!! please start posting again! i was literally just thinking about you like last week and wondering where you'd went off to. i'd adore seeing you get back active places.

    but it's really hard to switch gears from being a lurker into... less of one. LOL takes a lot of effort but once you get into the swing of things with that, it gets surprisingly easier. first step though is to get active again overall and not force yerself to interact with everyone ever. baby steps!

    i keep going through dead phases here too, but i manage to keep myself way more active on da. recently posted some stuff here so that helped me get back into checking weasyl and such.

    but srsly it's amazing to hear from you and you pondering getting active again. ;u; i look forward to when you do!

    how've you been though? c:

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      Aw :D I definitely do that too. I think of people I never talk to, but then I still don't talk to them anyway dslkfj.

      Sometimes I forget that DA exists! Do you post much art on tumblr anymore? A lot of the people I watch are either on tumblr, twitter, or FA now, so I kind of wonder if I should post more on deviantart art for the sake of it..

      I'm doing good! Struggling being an adult, but good. I've been trying to focus on things that make me happy and ~enrich my life~ so we'll see how that goes. How have you been?

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        delaayy in response i'm sorry. so adhd. LOL

        i've been trying my best to get back into talking to people i used to, but it's hard. i suck at juggling conversation let alone talking to more than a handful of people at any one time-- not including group chats. which i still dislike.

        i don't post art on tumblr honestly. i end up losing followers if i do it regularly? because all my followers don't follow me for art, they do it for the other random shit i post. tumblr is like the worst place for me to post art anyways. nobody cares. even if yer an amazing artist it's hard to get followers and reblogs, so i've never ever bothered. so da is my main hub, with fa and weasyl lagging behind but i just got back into keeping these two updated as well... just not with everything i post to da/twitter. LOL

        you should absolutely post to da more!! i'm finding it so much nicer than any other site. i used to get a lot of feedback and attention on fa like... on my first/second account, but ever since i moved i've never been able to garner the same following and views. because it's apparently way too hard to check someone's journal and click the icon leading to their profile and click "watch". LOL i recently moved again and got like 10 of my original followers to watch it but meh. nobody cares.

        da on the other hand. idk what it is honestly, but i've had some really good luck there the last few months. i also give out a shit ton of llamas, which helps more than you'd believe. so there's a tactic to get some people looking at yer page! i downloaded something to make the process easier too.

        pLUS YER SUCH AN AMAZING ARTIST ANYWAYS?? getting watchers shouldn't be hard for you!! if i can get them you can get 50x as many. :D

        good to hear yer hanging in there tho. and i'm glad you know where yer priorities are! meaning doing what you love. a lot of people forget to do that and wonder why they're as miserable as they are. so keep focusing on doing things you enjoy and you'll be fine. <3 i've been practicing this same thing for months and i'm in a much better place than i was just because i'm allowing myself to enjoy things and not stressing so bad on other things.

        so overall i've been better than i was! i'm moving to colorado on the 18th so hopefully even better soon. at the moment though i'm just enjoying writing and drawing and the new friends i've made the past half year. ;u;

        LONG REPLY IS LONG IM SORRY... but not sorry??