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stream schedule changing! also possibly no stream friday! by pac

starting next week stream schedule will be:

wednesday through saturday, 5p to 12a central. tuesday by appointment only.


  • my schedule is meant to fit around my husband's schedule. i used to end streams at 1130p because he would be arriving home soon. now that his schedule has changed, mine has as well.

  • because his shifts are longer, i've extended my usual stream schedule as well with the potential to go longer. the stream will naturally end at 12am, but if necessary it can go on an extra hour or so.

  • i will only stream tuesday if i have a confirmed appointment ahead of time or i have something to work on. don't be afraid to schedule a commission for tuesday! tueday is NOT meant to be my day off, but since it is now one of my husband's, i am leaving tuesday open as a case by case stream day. you do need to let me know ahead of time, though.

also, my huz is taking friday off for a special day so i MIGHT not be streaming on friday. or possibly a shorter stream if i have work i can do.

stream schedule changing! also possibly no stream friday!


29 March 2015 at 12:12:36 MDT

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