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Even though people are running away from FA to get onto weasyl and other sites, it doesnt feel like I get any more attention with my art here than usual. On FA I have many followers, here I just post for what it seems like 4-5 people who always look at my stuff.

Thank you, people who regulary favorite my stuff.

This site is strange. Either I suck really bad and nobody tells me, or its pointless to care for this profile any more than as a secondary backup account. I would do more things here than just post art if I feel like anybody cares.

So far I didnt even make one single friend here. And I have this since last year janurary.

Random Stuff


26 March 2015 at 08:32:47 MDT

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    A lot of people feel the same way most people just aren't interacting with each other like on FA it's a bit odd

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      Yeah its like nothing ever happens. Everybody does their own thing and thats it.

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        Heh most of the time people commenting never even get a reply maybe people just take it a tad too serious and professional

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          Well because of the situation here all I do is use the crossposter plugin. I dont even change anything. I just post it for the few people who seem to like my art here and thats it.

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            I guess it would be the best solution for artists to use something like that to keep connected to all the websites at once