IRON ARTIST redux $50 Flat Color 100 Slots! by farorenightclaw

So I tried this once before, ran out of steam and never finished it. OOPS. This time, instead of doing it in batches (that I can accidentally forget to post new journals for), I'll be opening all 100 slots at once and keeping them open until they're all filled.

So this round I'll be doing flat colored images, at $50 ($10 off usual price) for one character or $75 ($15 off usual price) for two characters. If you want more than two characters, let me know and we'll figure something out. No background for these (or in other words, a random texture or color splash that I choose). These'll be completed in one sitting, possibly on stream (so if you need yours to be private please let me know), so no sketch checks or anything like that - of course, you can request minor changes at the end. You are free to request specific poses, fetishes, etc, or you can just give me a character reference and theme and off I'll go. You are welcome to purchase as many slots as you'd like - there's plenty to go around. As per usual, I will not draw child/cub porn, scat, or feral porn. Pretty much any other kink or subject matter is welcome - if you're not sure, ask.

Some examples of my flats:

You can find a bunch more in my gallery; most of the stuff I draw for CassioBunny CassioBunny is flats so you can just look for those ones if you want.

So please be ready to pay via Paypal in order to get on the list, and if you're lower on the list please don't be surprised if the wait is longer. I hope to have the entire lot done within three to four months of starting on the first one, but sometimes things come up and it might take longer. I'll try to keep everyone updated on wait times! I'll be working on regular commissions in between working on these, taking stream comms, etc, just so everyone's aware.

And with that, the list!

  1. dothemonkey94 - 2 char - paid - DONE
  2. dothemonkey94 - 2 char - paid - DONE
  3. dothemonkey94 - 2 char - paid - DONE
  4. dothemonkey94 - 2 char - paid - DONE
  5. Lance_Foxx - 2 char - paid - DONE
  6. Cassio - 2 char - paid - DONE
  7. Carrow - 2 char - paid - DONE
  8. ritualnoise - 1 char - paid - DONE
  9. Cassio/dothemonkey94 - 2 char - paid - DONE
  10. Cassio/dothemonkey94 - 2 char - paid - DONE
  11. Spyingredfox - 2 char - paid - DONE
  12. Thecosmicwolf33 - 2 char - paid - DONE
  13. DarkwingDork - 1 char - paid - DONE
  14. DarkOverlord - 1 char - paid
  15. DarkOverlord - 1 char - paid
  16. Oxide - 2 char - paid

Comment or email (faroreDOTnightclawATgmailDOTcom) with (at least) character reference and rating to claim!

IRON ARTIST redux $50 Flat Color 100 Slots!


20 March 2015 at 13:51:34 MDT

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