Creating a backup incase FA.. by phalanxfox

Well im not happy. FA has been sold to an outside company none of us really know anything about and can not hold accountable. Because of the sudden changing circumstances behind FA's ownership, I have made copies of all my comissioned artwork and reposted here with copyrights again issued for the respective artists of the pieces.

I liked FA. I did trust Dragoneer up to a point for the one reason today I now understand.. As a furry in charge of the site.. we could hold him accountable for the site and our intellectual property. We know him, and he knows us.. And as a furry and he understands whats going on. We may hate on him, but he is still a furry.. Now FA is owned by a company that is not run by furries, that do not understand how furry functions or has any social collateral OR ARTISTIC at stake if they screw us over royally. How can I trust the site wont be sold again to Yahoo? or go under if the parent company implodes? What if IMVU fires Dragoneer? He doesnt own FA anymore, he has a boss now he has to answer to and provide results for. We dont butter his bread anymore when it comes to FA..

I WANT to trust Dragoneer did this in our best interests, in FA's best long term interests.. Its IMVU I do not trust.. or any other non furry company that gobbles up any piece of our intellectual community.. because if an outside company is paying for a site.. they expect to make a profit out of it, out of US! somehow..

Phalanxfox Begley.

Creating a backup incase FA..


19 March 2015 at 15:37:35 MDT

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    I agree with you there. And I'll say that I believe many of us are unsure the path FA will take as it's been stuggling for some time as it were.