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Things to speculate on materials by Forgess

First off, the pre-orders are done, thank you all so much for your interest, questions, and emails. It's been really encouraging.

Secondly, I just wanted to put it out there, because it seems some folks don't understand this;

Latex masks/gloves/feet are not as long lasting as you think. Foam latex is primarily meant for one or two uses. As an appliance, you glue it to your face, and once you're done, you can try to carefully remove the piece, but after that first removal, the edges will never be what they once were and be a HORRENDOUS seam the next time, and worse and worse every time after that, until it is just no longer worth it. With facial appliances, I give it maybe three wears.
This doesn't include the fact that if you sweat, the appliance will loosen on your face, or simply start to fall off.

Masks/gloves and feet, or any other wearable that are foam latex;
wrinkles and such will become tears in about 6 month's to a year's time. The material with dry out and crumble really quickly. Fixes can be applied, however once it starts happening, you must be prepared for continual repair.

Latex rubber is tougher, but still runs along the same problem of drying out and crumbling.

Silicone is MUCH stronger, however, if a rip occurs, a fix must be applied immediately. It also blocks oxygen to the skin, so any sweat trapped between skin and latex/skin will be trapped and accumulate back into the skin and have potential to create some serious health and hygiene issues.

This is why I work mainly with fabric, resin and silicone in portions.

Things to speculate on materials


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    True story. Good write up. nods Sad thing about latex and foam Latex. Especially if you have an appliance from someone and don't have the mold for yourself and couldn't have more made. I have an appliance from someone from about 18 years ago. I've tried to use it once. I preserved it ever since. I want more so i can risk more tries at getting it's application and coloring correct. but.. shrugs It'll never be created again by that person and I don't have the means to do it myself. The best I can do is us it as a design reference and try my skills at sculpting something in the future. I don't see this happening for now. At least if I did try and make my own, I could cast it on my own life cast. This appliance in question was made to fit this person.

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      That's a shame.... It amazes me how many people think that latex is as durable or more so than silicone. It amazes me still that they think that I would use the stuff in the future.