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updates by Kisa Merula

Kisa where is the art? Well. my computer sort of died. Accidentally the processor but it is going to be fixed.

How is the job search going? Could be better, kinda tired of people with more experience getting hired an no one giving me a chance for training. Recently i was told by another company that they decided to not hire anyone. bah. The search is still going go. so i got tht going for me.

Kisa, where is my drawing? I shall spite the with this here spoon! Dont worry chief little spoon. its there, jus i cant access it do to the problem first stated above.

Fun things:
Ah, yes, cosplay. I may not be able to go this year, but i can still do it thanks to alex mercers down to earth fashion.
I only had to spend 5 bucks on the outfit since 1. yay for goodwill and 2. already owned the rest from previous years.

I also plan on doing a altair cosplay. again, cheaply made, but i think itll work out.

What about you watchers?
How have things been?
Any ideas of what youd like to see me draw? or would you like to see me do more personal stuff since i barely draw as it is anymore..?


Kisa Merula

16 March 2015 at 18:40:16 MDT

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