Tumblr? by Idess

I've been re-organizing my Tumblr accounts lately and wanted to share to get a bit more eyes on my stuff :3

http://Idess.tumblr.com - My Art Tumblr! I've been uploading some older stuff to catch up, but after that I will post finished art as well as exclusive sketches, WIP's, etc! :D

http://ColoradoHounds.tumblr.com - My dog tumblr! Probably not as interesting to most of you but if you like dog photos and talk of dog training, agility, sports, etc this is my "dogblr" account :P



9 March 2015 at 12:01:26 MDT

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    Eh, i have issues with tumblr <_<

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      Just another option for those who don't like Weasyl/DA/FA/Twitter! :)

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        if there was someone who disliked all of those sites, i'd avoid them like the plague XD;
        and while i still find weasyl nice, the lack of actual people or communication is still very troublesome (mostly because i don't have a following, but it seems to be a common problem)

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          It can take a really long time to gain a following on a new site! I remember when FA first opened and I started posting there from DA, and I felt the same way about FA :P It took years to get even close to the amount of eyes on my art and such that I was getting on DA. It's always a process that discourages a lot of people, but I still believe that Weasyl is a superior site to FA and will gladly continue to post my art here first and try to garner as much activity here as possible! n.n

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            "superior" is somewhat offputting as there are some things on this site that hinders it from being better.

            1. browsing on this site is quite troublesome. Having it based on tags is not a good idea; period.
            2. markdowns. As someone who posts on multiple sites at once, the markdowns, while small, are weird.
            3. the elitist attitude. I'm sure it's been brought up, but some people's egos about this site bug the hell out of me because it shows me their ignorance.

            Don't get me wrong; i think the site is good, but unless you have that popular status, being an artist who doesn't or a watcher doesn't get you much on this site

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              Hmm, I must use this site fairly simply then because I don't really get most of those points ^^; I just upload my art and check my inbox to look at art of those I follow.
              I would argue that unless you're a super popular artist, it's hard to get much on -any- site :P I don't think that's unique to just Weasyl? It might seem harder here because of the smaller pool of users. If it grows, you'll get more people who will see more things. Right now I feel it's mostly artists here who have issues with FA for whatever reasons and/or just like uploading their art in more than one place; so not a huge market of watchers/browsers here yet :)

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                it certainly feels that way; it's more geared for artists. As someone who also likes to get critique and browse, however, this site just feels extremely quiet