Commissions 3/7 by Riddle

Send a note with your commission request right away to snag a spot! IMPORTANT NOTE - Do not send me a note saying "I want a spot." You need to tell me what you're getting, you need to know what you want. You can't save a spot and decide later. IF YOU SEND ME A NOTE WITHOUT A DESCRIPTION OF YOUR COMMISSION IN IT, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SPOT IMMEDIATELY AND NEED TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT TIME. I AM TIRED OF EXPLAINING THIS.

Please remember to provide your Paypal email so I can invoice you.

Unless your character is easily googled, please be prepared to provide reference material. Designing a character from your description alone is a more expensive commission than a simple portrait.

Remember - if you want your commission to be "private", as in I don't post it online, I will charge you extra. Private commissions will have an added charge of $10.

Commissions 3/7


7 March 2015 at 10:04:15 MST

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