Suspended on DA by TaliaTheStrange

Yeah, the title says it all. I have been suspended off my DA for 12 days starting today, all because a girl attacked my DA account, sent rude and threatening comments, and I'm the one that gets the blame and punishment. Ys the girl that did it was deactivated, but i got the bit of the fire myself. DA staff said that it is a waste of resources blah blah blah. Well DA Staff i have something for you. YOU ARE A WASTE OF SCUM BAGS WHO CARE MORE ABOUT THE FUCKING PORN AND ASSHOLES ON DA WHO GETS AWAY WITH EVERYTHING, WILL PEOPLE LIKE ME GET ATTACKED AND I GET ACCUSED OF BEING A WATE OF RESOURCES. Good day everyone and sorry for my outburst.

Suspended on DA


1 March 2015 at 20:38:46 MST

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    its been like that for years, its no longer deviantart, its dramaart

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    OMG...what the hell happened with dA?! When I joined that site almost six years ago, it used to be so nice, and now they're suspending innocent people because they're a "waste of resources"? Good lord almighty! I am so sorry to hear that this has happened to you, and I hope you're not mad at me.

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    Stupid DA

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    Guys i can't imagine how upset you are... Hrodwulf, i got suspended bc of the mcbitch attacking me.
    and now from what this screenshot Alisha Sent me, she is suspended as well.
    so now i am more angry, stressed.. and depression is not helping-___-

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      dA has definitely gone down the, scratch that, it has gone down the black hole.
      Btw, try listening to some happy music. When I'm sad or depressed I like to listen to Stratovarius and Freedom Call, because their songs lift me right up.

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        hmm.. yeah i mean, i have been talking to my friends about them trying to get rid of depression

        and yet i'm not. i'm a hypocrite. Thank you i will do that hugs