Terms of Service (2/18/15) by LadyScarlet

~CrazyZombie's Terms of Service~

Hello, and thank you for considering my artwork! Please take a moment to read over this, as it applies to all art one may receive from me; such as commissions, requests, art trades, YCH offers and more.
If you must get in contact with me, you may feel free to note me on DA and FA (preferred) or email me at Ailurucanis[at]yahoo.com


  • This terms of service applies to all forms of artwork received from myself as of today, January 28th, 2015 (any request/commission filled out or received prior to today is exempt from Won't Do's and Ordering, however the rest, such as Usage and Process still applies to pieces received prior)
  • By commissioning me you agree to all the terms listed below.
  • I have the right to refuse any commission at any time.
  • The commissioner may feel free to request a progress update at any time
  • Openings and special offers will generally be announced via Journal Post

Table of Contents

  • Ordering -
  • Payment -
  • Process -
  • Rush work -
  • Usage -
  • Cancellations / Refunds -
  • Will do / Won't do's -


If slots are available, commissions should be sent in a Note, including the following information;

Clear title such as “Commission” or “My Art Form”
Your PayPal email: (if paying with PayPal) or Your DA username: (if paying in DA points)
Commission Style: (ex sketch, color)
Commission Type: (ex fullbody, headshot, waist-up)
What you would like done/Pose ideas or any preferences:
As well as, if it is not evident in the references provided: Species, Gender and Character Name are incredibly helpful, and will be appreciated!


View Prices Here! (will be linked when I actually do the prices.. xD)
Currently, I only accept Paypal (USD) and DA points as payment for commissions.
Payment via paypal will be sent to Ailurucanis[at]yahoo.com

  • If your commission is approved, payment must been sent as soon as possible.
  • Any unpaid commissions will not be started until full payment has been received.
  • If payment is not received with 7 days, you will be notified that you may be removed from your slot; the user then has 3 days to submit payment or will consequentially lose their slot.

Note: Adult artwork has an explicit 50% fee, and is only available for users 18+


  • Art will be completed generally one user at a time if multiple commissions have been requested at once, and you will be messaged when you are first on the list.
  • A Rough Sketch WIP should take generally 1-3 weeks, and the completed piece will take up to 2 weeks following the approval of the sketch.
  • Every commissioner will receive at least one rough sketch WIP! This will be used to assure the customer is content with how the piece will look before it is completed.

Rush work:

  • Please note that I will not rush my artwork!
  • If the piece is meant to be completed by a certain date, feel free to mention such and I will do my best to have it completed by then, but be warned I will not make any promises on a date of completion. Additionally, if I know I absolutely cannot have the piece completed by that date, I will let you know either immediately, or during the process of completing.


You may absolutely use the piece commissioned from me how you please, you may repost it to your own profile/other sites, use it as a RP reference, backgrounds, etc; However, you must give me credit as the artist!

You may NOT do any of the following with the piece:

  • Claim it as your original piece.
  • Use/Post the piece without given credit.
  • Alter the image and remove my credit as artist of the original piece.
  • Sell my artwork.

All artwork I complete will mostly likely be posted publically on the site of commission and potentially other art communities I am involved in (DA, tumblr, …).
Additionally, you will be added to my “Commission Archive” for future referencing.

I will not accept private commissions by request, if you would like to commission me privately and have your piece sent directly to you only (no posting) there will be a 50% Privacy Fee.

Cancellations and Refunds:

  • If you have not yet paid for your commission, you are free to cancel any time by sending me a cancellation notice so I may remove you from the list.
  • However if you have already sent payment, you may not cancel your commission. What you may do, if you have already paid for a commission and I have not started the piece, is you may ask for a different piece (or pieces) of equal or lesser than your already paid balance.
  • Refunds will not be offered on a completed piece. (compensation may apply on an individual accounts basis)

Will Do:

  • General, Mature and Adult pieces at their respective prices.
  • Any and all species of animals
  • Anthros
  • Ferals / Quads
  • Fantasy creatures / creations

Wont Do:

The following Fetishes;

  • Adult artwork by Request/Trade -
    If I at some point am accepting requests, I will not accept requests pertaining to Adult pieces. I will also mostly likely not do explicit adult pieces in an art trade (If the other user is willing to do an adult piece for me it may be considered ;3) Adult artwork will be done by paid commissions/works only

  • Styles -
    I will not draw artwork of characters in any style but my own; I will not draw stylized art, for example styles like: Sonic, MLP, Pokémon, Anime etc etc (I will still absolutely draw your pokemon/sonic character, but it will be in my personal style and will appear as cartoony/realism)

  • Humans -
    Sorry, can’t do them, won’t do them and trust me, you wouldn’t WANT me to do them.

  • My Characters -
    I will not do any piece involving my characters with your characters, unless it has been explicitly offered (for example in a YCH).

  • Their Characters -
    Please do not commission work using characters you do not personally own or have permission to use.

What I’m not practiced/good at:
Scenery and most objects tend to be a challenge for me, by all means you may ask for examples of this when looking to commission, and you may certainly ask I include these, as long as you are previously aware that it might not look the best.

If you would like a piece that isn’t listed in my will/won’t do’s and you are unsure of it, feel free to ask me if I’m willing to do said piece! (Either at the time of commissioning, or as a random question is fine <3)

Terms of Service (2/18/15)


18 February 2015 at 18:08:48 MST

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