"I wish it were Wes" comments by MikaLapine

Okay, so, I need to ask you guys a favor.

Please stop telling me on every image of a heavy character that you'd rather it be Wes, or it'd be better with Wes as the big one, or that I should do this to Wes more, do Wes next, etc.

I appreciate that you all seem to like Wes, really, but if I want to draw him big, I will. In the meantime, those comments aren't really firing me up to do it. They're actually pretty discouraging to read below something I had fun working on and enjoyed.

"I wish it were Wes" comments


16 February 2015 at 07:23:29 MST

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    Sounds like folks just need to learn to appreciate big bunnies!

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      That would make this easier, but nah. If people don't like the big rabbits, that's fine too!

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    For a moment, I thought someone was talking about me xD.

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    Fat bunnies are the best bunnies. Of course big coonies are the best coonies. What ever you wanna is good by me ^^

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    Please don"t draw Wes heavy or being the heaviest. XP

    Just joking, I do not care much about that. Do your thing, this all. :)

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    You go with what you want to draw, and what makes you happy to do. People making demands or the like should be a little more self-aware and considerate. Perhaps at least less demanding considering they're just viewing and it is not a request scenario.

    Personally, I like your art, and am happy to see whatever you decide to produce because you don't disappoint. :)

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    Some people just can't appreciate a chubby bunny, plus then if Wes was big all the time, it would lose some of the special charm.

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    Its the sting of popularity really. Once you become known for something then people expect you to do it all the time, same thing with us musicians too. At least nobody is yelling FREEBIRD at your art, lol.

    All you can do is keep your integrity intact, which I'm sure someone as level headed as you has no problem doing, and give them something new to love.

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    Draw what you want. I apologize for being unintentionally discouraging. I enjoy all of your work and I hope you continue to have fun doing it.

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    Somehow I feel like something like this would happen, I'm sorry for pestering.
    I feel like my comments are more annoying and repetitive, after reading this.

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    Not to be mean but....
    Who's Wes again....
    ...(0_0) please don't kill me!(0_0)

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    I plead guilty and I'm sorry. I like fat bunnies just as much. hugs I like all of your art pieces Mika. I do believe anything you draw will be amazing. :3