Rant about my stuff. I need support. by VinVulpis

I need to get a few things off my chest and just let this out.

So I gotta say that I'm loosing my nerve on this whole art thing. What I mean is that I'm just beginning to feel like the stress and worry about keeping at all this work up isn't worth it when I'm not gettin the support needed to keep at it.

Especially with my game project. While I appreciate some of the enthusiasm of people randomly commenting and noting me that they are excited to see my game come to life, I need more support that just a few comments to keep working on it without it just falling into obscurity and me never finishing it because it's too much work for me to spend so much time on and get nothing in return for.

If you want to see me continue workin on my project, PLEASE, donate to me or consider buying a stage cameo, but even wiht that, I've been hosed by a few people telling me my prices are too fucking expensive, when they are quite the opposite. I'm busting my ass and asking for pennies compared to what a lot of artists doing this shit gets. If you're going to tell me I'm too expensive, then I'm not your artist, move on.

Regarding my commission calls. "Going to," " wanna," and "maybe" don't help me. They don't help me pay bills. I hate to sound like a jerk. I need the actual work to stay afloat. Because it's pretty much just a tease to hang the possibility just out of reach for me.

I'm trying to make all of this work, and I'm questioning what it is that I'm doing wrong, especially when I'm finally starting to get a good amount of watchers (on FA anyway). I've been at this for so long just to feel like I'm always falling short and just upsetting and hating my work.

I mean, I wanna ask too, what would you guys want me to do? I've been considering starting some YCH things, either auctioning or just offering them at a flat rate at first come, first serve or some combination of both. I'm trying and I'm stressing. I don't have much else I can do in my situation. This is really my only outlet, and I started out feeling so confident just to fall flat on my face and end up with very little to show for. I really don't wanna have to return to working my ass off at a stupid overnight job, get crappy sleep and pretty much fall back to posting once or twice a month if I have the energy to and pretty much go back to being drained all the time.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive though, I really do appreciate it.

Rant about my stuff. I need support.


14 February 2015 at 07:21:19 MST

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    First and foremost, Vin, you gotta make your art (both drawings and games) for yourself. Believe me, I get it: it's so much more satisfying to get lots of feedback on the things that you produce. But art is a labour of love; if you don't love what you do, you might as well just take up a safe but boring desk job.

    You've been doing good work; don't get discouraged if it isn't getting as much recognition as you'd like! That comes in time, through hard work on the project itself, and continuous marketing. Have regular updates, and keep putting the word out not just here, but also on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and anywhere else that you think is worthy. It will likely be gradual, but your recognition will grow.

    You ever watch Extra Credits? I highly recommend it. They've got a series on tips for game developers: this is a good place to start. Additionally, this specific video on fighting game design ought to be relevant to you.

    You've set your sights high, and it can be tough, but you'll make it there, dude. Just remember to keep sharing updates and getting feedback. Don't ever give up!

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      Thanks a ton dude. and yeah, I'e watched some of their stuff. I just mean with my art in general though, not just hte project. I've gotten a lot of recent new insights though and I'm gonna try some new stuff.

      Many have recommended to start preping for YCH stuff, but I'm also gonna start a daily sketch thing too. Because I should be producing a few pieces a day anyway, and stopp obsessing on wanting to make everything a masterpiece, so to speak.

      This is my main means of living right now, and I have a few friends helping me a bunch trying to make this work out for me. They don't want me to give up. So yesterday I got a bunch of new ideas from talks and such. I'm workin on to start this week. It's just stressful that my boyfriend has pretty much taken on covering most of our living expences and it just stresses me out to feel dependent and like a burden, but he wants me to stick to it. x_x

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      Oh, sorry for the double post, but it's also that I'v ebeen told tha tI'm doing great work, and that there's no reason I shouldn't be able to make this work out. I just need to approach it differently it'd seem. So I'm reworking everything I do this week.