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Monster Hunter!! by friday

heeey sorry for lack of journals, not much has been happening outside of class assignments. Until yesterday/earlier today when I got MH4U!!

I've been really enjoying the new town, customizable cat partner and overall it feels more like an extension of MHFU, instead of an extension of MH3. Although I'm not very far into the game myself, only on 2 star town quests & I haven't even started on the guild quests yet.

I tried out the charge blade during the tutorial 1 star quests and it's kinda neat, but overall feels like a bigger sword and shield with some charging elements. Looks hella cool though on the character's back!!

My character's name is Skladi, which is inspired/based off of Skadi from the webcomic Skadi. To summarize, it's a webcomic about a lady barbarian who's on a quest to eat every kind of meat (the only exception being other humans).

My fav weapon so RN is the Switch Axe, mostly because it can switch from long sword mode to great sword, which were my best weapons in MHFU

Monster Hunter!!


13 February 2015 at 20:44:15 MST

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