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By commissioning me you are agreeing to my Terms of Service

  1. You may use the artwork for personal uses only. You may not sell, reprint, use for commercial use, or claim as your own. If you wish to commission a piece with the intent of selling or using for commercial use please speak to me about this before hand, prices for commercial use will be higher than standard personal use prices.

  2. I require payment to be sent once you approve a sketch (for Cutesy commissions I do not show a sketch and require payment up front). Once the sketch is complete and approved I will not continue working on your artwork until I receive full payment for the piece.

  3. Artwork is non-refundable once you accept a sketch, but I will try and make any edits you would like me to make it more to your liking. I will charge extra if you want me to change major sections of artwork after you already approved a sketch.

  4. I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

  5. I retain all rights to my artwork. I will NEVER claim rights to your character and will properly label your character as such, however I can use any of my artwork for self promotion, portfolio, etc. If you do not wish for me to post your artwork please let me know at the time of commissioning.

  6. You will receive Digital Artwork only. Final artwork will be emailed to you in .PNG format (.FOX format for remapping and animated portraits). Physical artwork will not be produce to shipped to you for the standard price. I can create physical prints and have them shipped to you for an additional fee which will have to be discussed priory to me starting the commission.

  7. Commissions will come before Art Trades Commissions will ALWAYS come before art trades. I will always complete art trades especially if you have already completed your half of the trade, though it may take a bit more time than a commission.



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