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The shepherd project - general infos and preorder phase by PlushLife

The Shepherd plush project:

The Shepherd is our first project and will be publicly available. What does the Shepherd feature?
Our goal was to create a big semi-anthro plush Shepherd that is actually made for cuddling. That's why we designed it in the size of a human, in a laying pose and the head tilted to it's partner, as if it was interacting actively. That's why we also selected fur that feels incredibly soft and is durable enough to withstand countless nights of cuddling. But there is more: We wanted to create a plushie that fulfills our modern design expectations and looks incredibly cute. So we paid lots of attention to the face, gave it embroidered eyes and a muzzle with just the right dog-like patterns. The fine details continue on the body and even it's big paws are clawed. One more detail: As shipping this huge toy might be a bit expensive, we've also added a zipper so it can be send unstuffed in a much smaller box and save you a lot of money. You can then simply stuff it yourself! The zipper also allows you to remove the filling for cleaning or if you would simply like to store it away for a while.

All the details in short:

  • 180cm long from front-claws to hind-claws
  • Semi anthro Shepherd in a laying pose
  • Super soft high quality plush, durable enough for cuddling
  • Detailed face with embroidered eyes
  • Clawed Paws
  • Zipper on the back for stuffing and to allow easy cleaning/storing
  • Available with or without stuffing for cheaper shipping.
  • Made entirely in Germany

The order-process:

PlushLife is a young spare time project. This means as of now we won't have plushies in stock all the time. Instead we will run these big plushies in projects on a preorder basis. So the Shepherd project will be a one-time limited run. You can order it during the preorder phase and a few more will show up on Ebay. Once they are sold, that's it. The Shepherd will be done and we will move on to the next project. The amount of Shepherds that will see the light of the day is therefore determined entirely by you. The more orders we get, the more Shepherds will be made during this opportunity.

So when will the preorder phase start?

We plan to open for preorders in mid February 2015. The preorder phase will last 8 weeks till mid of April. When the preorder phase ends, the Shepherds will be made and shipped to you. This will last another 8-12 weeks.

And... how much?

We worked hard to make a toy of this size and quality still affordable and we are happy to announce we will get it done for less than a basic fursuit:
For European customers the toy will be 859,00 € including VAT.
For Non-European customers the toy will be aprox. US$ 900 - depending on the exchange rate.

Cool. And what happens till February?

We will be quite busy building up our website and ordering system. We will also be working on more vids for you. Also our social-media plushies Fletch and Doodle might show up at some parties to cuddle fursuiters and tweet about it.

And what can I do?

If you want to support us bringing more awesome plushies to life, help spread the word about us. Retweet pics you like, share our youtube videos and let your friends know about this great opportunity. Also, if you have any questions left, feel free to ask us, for example via Email or on twitter. We are happy to hear from you!

The shepherd project - general infos and preorder phase


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