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Moondog - Viking 1 (interesting music) by DingoVolf

You are watching Mr. Rogers welcome you to his home. He tells you a story, feeds his goldfish, and you follow the trolley to the land of Make-Believe. Somewhere in there, he motions to you to follow - a sure sign he is going to share something neat. You go with him out a door into the darkness of the back yard. A glowing moon and millions of brilliant stars light up the area, this music plays, and Mr. Rogers starts into a native american snake dance, occasionally throwing you a smile like he is having the time of his life. It would seem odd, but you've seen this man play a trumpet in a mushroom farm. The scene leaves a warmness in you, like a fond dream or a memory that always makes you smile.

Moondog is a musician / street performer that needs to be remembered. He was one of those who seemed like they were 'purchased' by music - where he did not make the music, the music drove him to bring it out. Viking 1 is my favorite of his. It's dream-like feel just instantly sets me at ease. I believe this track is recorded in a studio, as Moondog occasionally did, but was likely inspired or included pieces of the performances he would do while wandering the streets of New York.

Moondog - Viking 1 (interesting music)


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