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Cabbit Golem February is Opened! by Makeshiftstory

Its that Magical Time of the Year when we smash our faces full of chocolates at Discount prices, Rely on a Rodent to predict the Weather, and CABBIT GOLEMS! This is the Second Annual Cabbit Golem February and by tradition, many fun Cabbit Golem Themed Commissions! Now for the Commission rules before getting to the Menu.

  1. Please mark No Shipping required when Paying me on Paypal.

  2. No Adult work, I live with my parents and younger siblings in the household and could get into trouble with the parents.

Now that those two rules are out of the way, I can get to the better stuff where I can tell you the Options for the commissions. Note that if you want a different Character that isn't a Cabbit Golem for one of these commissions, it'll be just an extra five dollars to do them (And Ten USD dollars if the character is way too complicated.)

Cabbit Golem Customs: $15 USD Dollars When you can't think of a design you'd like for a cabbit golem, I will be more than happy to design one for you! You have a Choice between the Drosselmeyer Styled: and the Geppetto Styled: along with choosing a theme, gender, and color palatte. By the end of it, this is what your commission will look like in this format:

Treats: $10 USD Dollars Have your cabbit golem either eating a Delicious treat of your choice or hugging a plushie version of said treat! it'll be an Additional Five dollars per characters to the group:

Chocolate Box: $10 USD Dollars +$5 USD Dollars per extra character a Cute chibi piece where your character is cuddled in a heart shape chocolate box of your design with what chocolate flavors you want in there! Its a great one to use if you want to do a couples piece or if you want to have them with buddies:

Chinese New Year Specials: $10 USD Dollars for either a Sheep Rider Chibi: or Sheep Plushie Hugs: where you can choose what sheep you want your character either riding or hugging! No charges for wanting to change the sheep to your chinese Zodiac of your choosing.

Cabbit Golem February is Opened!


1 February 2015 at 11:59:32 MST

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