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Lots of connected dots ! by Tiido

Past days have been incredibly positive for me in personal sense. There's been a massive amount of self discovery.
I have been learning WHY things have been as they are. Life has been difficult on so many levels, and now I know the reasons. I now know what can be done to make future less difficult.

The new knowledge also puts some diagnosis' I have got under a big question sign. The traits that those diagnosis' are based on are really part of the personality. And the efforts to fix those have really resulted in harm than anything else. There's plenty other people who are in a very similar situation....

But this all has also given me something that I think I can use to get out of army duty for good, I'll have to set some physchologist appoitments first. This would be the most wonderful thing to happen in the near future ~

On a whole lot less good note, I have neglected my work the entire time... no regrets though, not now. I can still do it ! lol

I'm kinda bubbly right now, riding on the good. I'm sorry if I have been annoying to you who stick around me. I'm very grateful that you do stick around ~~~~

This has given me an idea to draw... something very awesome artistically, and something with deep personal meaning. It is gonna be awesome once I get that far !

Lots of connected dots !


31 January 2015 at 14:48:49 MST

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    You do not annoy me Tiido. I'm your friend and I will stand by your side as such.
    I'm glad you might be able to use your personality discovery as a means of being exempt from arm duty. I'd be devastated to see anything bad happen to you. :'(

    There are many people, including myself who love and care about you.