herp by Demiure

I'm going to be trying to use Weasyl more; not for any one reason, more so that I like the interface and the way the site functions as a whole. I've been kind of negligent to my art sites as a whole, preferring to draw and deliver privately to the commissioner rather than submit anywhere, because I'd been dealing with some serious confidence issues as a result of some things I'd been going through.

On that note, I'm also trying to be more interactive with the community and people as a whole -- forgetting and forgiving past wrongs by people and trying, whole-heartedly, to start a new with everyone. I feel like a new person on so many levels, and the way I treat the things/people around me as well as myself has gone through some much needed positive improvements. I am trying to be more in touch with myself as well as other people's needs, and find that I really enjoy when I can make others happy and do it as often as possible.

I am going to be clearing out my gallery entirely and starting fresh.



25 January 2015 at 08:39:00 MST

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