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Still a few hours 'til Tuesday, but let's go ahead and start this question thing! Feel free to ask any questions you wish.

Ask Me Stuff!


19 January 2015 at 20:52:34 MST

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    why arent you making a comic

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      I actually have ideas for a couple of different stories for a couple of my characters. Real life, however, is intervening with making a full on comic. The pinups and such I can sit down and crank out fairly quickly. On the other hand, writing a comic and laying it out and drawing takes a bit more time. For now, I'm just gonna work out how I want the stories to go and develop some supporting characters. Then, when school and real-life quiets down, I'll have a head start on making a comic.

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        sweet. ill be watching

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    What inspired the new style?

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      I'd been wanting to change my style for a while now in order to have a more mature style. I just felt that the old style didn't allow for as much detail and expression as I had wanted. Plus, the new style actually makes it a bit easier to draw different species as well as draw much larger on the paper. That in itself actually improves the appearance quite a bit. In the end, I just really wanted a change and try to get a little closer to the way I wanted to draw but lacked the skill to do so when I started drawing furries.