Whoops forgot to upload art here + Weasyl worries by Kexx

So I noticed Weasyl sort of lost steam and kind of forgot to upload a lot more of my art here, even though I feel more comfortable posting doodles and stuff on here than on FA?? So I'll try to spread my posts out so I'm not spamming people. I'm not really sure how much online activity I'm going to be doing anymore cause I just don't seem to really fit well into the online art community? I think I'm just going to start doing things for me instead of worrying over whether others will like my art/looking for critique. Eh.

Also man I was really hoping for Weasyl to keep on going with large improvements. The inbox still has one or two few seemingly unnecessary steps to deleting stuff and the front page "Now Streaming" and critique lists should have some sort of Show All feature. I also think there needs to be some sort of limit on how long a livestream goes on for as shown on the page because I tried to go into 4 streams and all of them were offline. I mean I know I've forgotten to take the status down myself once over night, but I feel like there should be some kind of catch, or get someone to check in on them every once in awhile to make sure they're not just offline? Maybe there is something like this already and I'm talking out my ass, but this is just how it seems. I felt more comfortable on here than FA, but it's starting to seem dead. :( Maybe things will pick up when it gets out of Beta.

Whoops forgot to upload art here + Weasyl worries


4 February 2013 at 16:28:13 MST

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