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Hey everyone!!

I don't really update journals or anything But when I do it is important~

Firstly!! I will be attending MizuumiCon in San Antonio Texas at the lady of the lake on March 21st!! I am terribly excited!!! So if you want to come by and meet me I will be in vendor spot 20 sporting my art and collectables!


I NO longer ONLY accept paypal as the only means of payment!! Since I got a square (one of those squareup swipers) I can now send invoices to accept DEBIT CARDS! You don't pay any extra fees for paying an invoice. You also don't need a square account to send a payment!

The following cards are now accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, and discover~

Overseas purchasers must still contact before purchase to see if overseas shipping is available! (Also need to purchase a shipping upgrade, that is the 40 or so usd shipping. standard shipping might take months to reach destination).

How to pay a square invoice:

If you receive an emailed invoice notification from a merchant using Square, you can pay it online. You will not be charged a fee to pay an invoice.

To pay a Square Invoice, begin by clicking Pay Invoice in the invoice notification email.

You’ll need the following information:

Name on card
Card number
Expiration month and year
Billing ZIP code

<333 That is all the updates for now!! Thank you for reading!

Silent Weaver Arts

Silent Weaver Arts Update


16 January 2015 at 17:51:19 MST

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