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Still alive! still working, starting to catch up by CurioDraco

So I'm slowly (but surely!) getting back to finishing the commissions that have been in queue since the middle of last year :s I just checked in with progress on the last batch of YCH auctions from FA (yes, that long..) and plan to work on more things from the queue tonight.

*Info for anyone new to all of this: the last place I lived, the plumbing exploded upstairs and through a convoluted series of events, my time has been consistently disrupted for really stupid reasons. The most recent of which being that we had to move into a new place. We're mostly settled in at this point, and now that it's just my fiance and me and no one else's drama, I'm finally getting back into a solid work flow.

Official backlog update: as soon as the aforementioned queue is clear, I'll be working on refunding the backlog from a few years ago. Anyone tired of waiting can request a refund ahead of time and I'll do my best to accommodate. Anyone new to my work and wondering what the actual @#^! is up with having this backlog, I encourage you to look this over for a full explanation.

But yeah! I'm still working on the handful of commissions from 2014 and I hope to actually have those finished before the end of February. In the meantime, to sustain myself in this form of employment, **I'm offering "Mystery Doodles" for $10, $15, and $20 options. **

The basic idea is that I'm offering sketches of random/unknown style variations at lower rates from what I'd normally ask for similar quality.
Headshots or busts, chibis, or full body toony options are available. You provide your character and (optionally) a single keyword prompt for me to work with, and I handle the rest.

I'm trying to get better with expressions, movement, feeling, and emotional qualities in my work. These give me a lot of flexibility to try new things, and offer decent quality work at generally lower rates to anyone who may be interested and not terribly particular about the details.

Full information, examples, instructions and order form are all on this page:

Currently I'm not offering nsfw/adult work via "mystery doodles", but if there's enough feedback and interest for it I could be tempted to reconsider. I'm just not sure if there would be enough demand for it since there's so little room for input. But if I'm proven wrong I'll open up the optiion x3

Thank you all for your continued patience and support ;3; ♥ I hope this is the year I finally get back on top of my life and can put that backlog situation behind me. I'm working hard to make it happen.

Still alive! still working, starting to catch up


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