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News ( no updates just news ) 1/12/2015 by Taum Group

Telling us about your Taums and things you would love
to do with them or already do with them--
( nothing sexual! )
--helps us think of what we could do a lot
easier than only thinking with our own group solely!
( gore, even violent, is allowed and welcome to Taum Group if still Taum related. but if the submission is on Weasyl, follow Weasyl's Guidelines to Content Rating when submitting and DO NOT EVER send us vengeful art that possibly attacks another person unwillingly )

If you have ideas, stories, draw your Taum, why not tell Taum Group?
We have been working on projects as best as we can with -free time only- contributing to the progression.

When can you expect to see any "projects"?:
We aren't able to give any time frame what so ever unfortunately!
we're also concerned of trademarking and pre-releasing content just yet.

Can we ask about the "projects" being worked on?:
We wont tell you much! but they -are- interactive and involve new and old Taums so long as they are Official.

What about Auctions and Customs?:
Happysorry alone provides Customs and we recommend following Happysorry if you follow Taum Group.
( we try asap to update Taum Group when auctions and customs open even if we seem vacant otherwise! )
Two Auctions were released very recently but Taum Group didn't jump on the event soon enough before it sold out!
( all 8 sold out really fast!! )

What does Taum Group plan to do other than Projects, if anything else was in mind?:
Inbetween juggling tasks, we planned to just want to draw and talk about taums because we love to draw taums and like to hear whats going on with them!

News ( no updates just news ) 1/12/2015

Taum Group

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