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STAGE CAMEO donation/commission things for my game. by VinVulpis

Yeah, I know a while ago I'd been threatening to start that bit, but since I'm back fro my hiatus on game stuff, I'd really like to start that project.

I've been making a lot of progress on my project lately and I really wanna keep that drive going, but honestly, for me to continue working on it hard-core, I'm gonna need a lil support for it.

I'm making a lil video thing about that two, but I need to get my hands on a better mic so I can talk about it in the video.

But basically, I wanna open up slots to have people's character appear in my stages to help with basically funding my work on my game. I wanna open up ASAP, and I'll be willing to take on any biters now, before I get the video out.

Minimum tier is gonna be 75 USD. For a basic loop of your character hanging out, watchin the action.

I haven't figure out the higher tiers yet, but it'd involve me having your character walk around and interact with things a bit more, or for longer, more detailed loops.

My priority stage is to work on The dock stage in most of my videos up to now, but I have a Lantern beach stage and an island boardwalk stage also in the works.

I really wanna keep this progress on my project going without having to dig and grind up on commissions again, BUT you can always still commission me for somethin else if ya still wanna help me out in general. Any work is always appreciated.

I'm gonna post a new video about this soon, once I get a hold on a better mic, but anyone interested can hop in now. Note me!


STAGE CAMEO donation/commission things for my game.


10 January 2015 at 13:48:53 MST

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