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Hello friends!!

Since my last update, things have been moving VERY quickly. Our new landlord is pushing us to move in on the 20th, and as a result I have to have everything paid for by that date. I was planning on having a little more time (and a few more paychecks) by then, and at this point I'm coming up pretty short. Way short, actually. Between all of the major issues and minor setbacks that occurred in the last month, including car problems and health issues, combined with this shorter deadline, I'm about $400 behind what I need in order to make ends meet and move into the new place.

As a result, I'm opening up for commissions, and I can't really turn down donations, either. This month has been a huge struggle already, and I'm fighting to get everything in order and ready by the move in date. If you are interested in purchasing ANY type of commission from me, please check out what I'm offering in the following journal link:

#Commissions Journal

Alternatively, if you are willing to donate even $1 in order to assist with the move, I can't express how helpful that would be or how much that would mean to me. Donations can be sent to my PayPal at marked as "Donation for Jem" in absolutely any amount.

Because of the urgency of this situation, I definitely appreciate any signal boosts or other assistance that anyone can provide. If I can't make this money in time, there's a possibility I will lose this house and be homeless after this month.

Thank you so much for any help you may be able to provide! <3

Thank you SO MUCH everyone! I was able to make enough between commissions and donations to cover my goal plus enough extra to account for any possible mishaps along the way, all in under 24 hours. I can't express how thankful I am for all of your help, generosity, kindness, and patronage!!

I'll keep everyone updated on the progress of the move, and will be able to begin work on commissions shortly thereafter. Once I get everything organized on Trello so that commissioners can view the progress of their commission, I'll send out a round of email updates.

Thanks again for everything, I am incredibly lucky to be involved in such a giving and amazing community. <3

Best wishes,



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    I do not like the sound of friends becoming homeless! Sent in a donation. I will also see if any of my friends could pitch in anything~

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      Ahhh that is so kind, thank you so much!!

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    Nnnnnn donated!

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      Ahhh thank you so much, you are too kind!!

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    I sent some your way, and I'll send more when I get paid next week, if you still need money.

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      You are so sweet! Thank you so very much, I appreciate it more than you know <3

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    I can do a polyvore commision to help you on your way :) Tell me what info ya need and where to send moniez.