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Die Young by Amagire

Kinda surprised I haven't seen this fan-animated music video circulating furrydom like "What Does the Fox Say". Do furries just not like Ke$ha? IDK, I always hated this song, but now I kind of like it. THOSE FOXES ARE SO HAPPY.

Die Young


8 January 2015 at 11:59:51 MST

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    I KNOW! This song got me into Ke$ha! :D

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    I love Ke$ha actually (her official video for Blow is hilarious) - most people that dislike her do for a lot of misogynistic reasons :D (similar to a lot of other pop artists that are women) 'dumb blonde' jokes, insisting that she can't be intelligent because she makes really indulgent pop music, insisting that she has no talent because of it despite the fact that she's a classically trained pianist and writes her music.

    Also truth - I was expecting the fox to eat everyone in the end, and when it didn't happen I was kinda disappointed

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      I admit I value Ke$ha for how not Katy Perry she is and how consistently she seems to piss everyone off. As you correctly observe, long misogynist screeds about female pop singers are a wonderful litmus test for determining who to avoid on the internet. However, her music just is not my thing (I've been to a dance club all of ONCE and it was a terrible, terrible mistake), and this song in particular got overplayed into the ground.

      According to the artist's deviantArt, the character JayJay is a werewolf? Which is I guess why her clothes are ripped and she's ENORMOUS compared to everyone. (This doesn't make it less disappointing that she didn't eat everyone.)

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        haha yeah nothing wrong with just not liking her style.

        OH OOPS didn't know.. haha yeah I was like 'what the song is die young eating all the woodland critters makes sense doesn't it?'